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Inserir detalhes do cartão de crédito

Our commercial policy

The personal data provided by customers regarding the address, payment and content of the order will only be used for the processing of the orders placed, not being disclosed to third parties under any circumstances, we will use your personal information under the Data Protection rules (LGPD, Federal Law 13,709/2018).


Payments can be made in cash or in installments. For more information about prices and payments in installments, please contact SAC – (31-3481 3749 or


We accept the following forms of payment:

Boleto Bancário: For purchases over R$ 120.00, payment can be made via Boleto Bancário. The bank slip is issued only to customers who request their order via SAC or Fale Conosco. It comes with the products and the invoice.


Bank deposit: This form of payment can only be paid in cash. When opting for this payment method, we will inform you of the company's bank account details via e-mail. To make your order, make the bank deposit in the informed account and inform us, via e-mail, of the deposit data (order number, order amount and bank authentication number). Your order will be processed immediately after payment confirmation.


Cash: for cash purchases and directly in the commercial sector of the company.


Credit cards:  



When shopping at PecLab you will have the peace of mind and practicality of receiving your products in your office, safely and economically. Shipping is calculated according to the delivery location (CEP), the weight and the value of your order.

The delivery time of your order will depend on the location and time requested. At the time of purchase, it is possible to predict the time and/or date of receipt.


General considerations
For all exchanges or returns, please contact our Customer Service (31-3481 3749) for guidance.

Product returned without such communication, after the deadline or the conditions specified here, will be resent to the customer by PecLab without prior consultation.

PecLab has 30 (thirty) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of your product at our company, to resolve the occurrence, provided that everything is in accordance with our policy and with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code.


Return for withdrawal
To return a product for withdrawal, the following conditions must be observed:
– Term to withdraw from the purchase of the product is up to seven calendar days, counting from the date of receipt.
- O  The product must be returned in the original packaging, without signs of use, without violation of the seal, accompanied by the invoice, the Exchange and Return form duly completed, signed and stamped.

When returning the merchandise for withdrawal, the person responsible can choose to refund or keep credit for a next purchase. Refunds or credits can only be made in the case of payments already made. The choice of refund or credit must be recorded in the return letter and communicated to customer service. If there is no manifestation of the return or exchange, a purchase voucher will automatically be generated for the customer who will have up to 30 (thirty) days (counted after approval of the return) to use the credit on any PecLab product.

Return of goods due to refusal to receive
If, upon receipt, there is a problem (open or damaged packaging; product not in accordance with the order) PLEASE DO NOT RECEIVE.

Write down on the back of the invoice the following sentence “PRODUCT DOES NOT COME WITH MY ORDER”, and report, also in writing, the specific problem presented by the merchandise. Then, immediately contact Customer Service and let us know about the problem, providing your invoice number, full name, and delivery address.

After return and analysis of the conditions of the returned goods, the replacement will be made immediately. In the event of any discrepancy, such as absence of damage, signs of misuse, etc., PecLab will be exempt from accepting the return and making the exchange, and may resend the product without prior consultation. In the case of errors exclusively attributable to PecLab in the sales process, the corresponding order will only be replaced if there is no sign of use of the goods and if the packaging is intact and without signs of tampering.

If no problem is found upon receipt, the deadline for claiming any defect detected in the product is 90 days from receipt.

exchange of goods
PecLab guarantees the exchange of merchandise for reasons other than those presented above within a period of up to 90 (ninety) days from the date of departure of the product.

The exchange can be total or partial and only made for similar products. Shipping costs will be charged to ship the exchanged goods.

For the exchange to be carried out, the merchandise to be exchanged must be returned accompanied by the Exchange/Return Form duly completed and signed and a copy of the invoice.

Exchange requests will be submitted for evaluation. The exchange will only be effective if the packaging is intact and without signs of tampering. If this condition is not respected, PecLab will be exempt from accepting the return and making the exchange, being able to resend the product without prior consultation (the cost of shipping will be charged for resending the goods).

PecLab product warranty
PecLab assures the dental/prosthetic professional the guarantee  of your products against  any  hidden defect or defect observed during use. The warranty is guaranteed after analyzing the product by PecLab's technical team. For that, the product must be sent to PecLab  sterile, accompanied by a copy of the invoice and the duly completed and signed Warranty Form. In the case of implants, the treatment radiographs and a copy of the patient's clinical record must still be presented. The radiographs will be returned to the professional after analysis by PecLab.

PecLab will only analyze the product after receiving the duly completed warranty form and, when applicable, the complementary documents, within 30 (thirty) days from the observation of the occurrence. The guarantee is exclusive to the dentist/prosthetic professional, excluding any right to third parties or patients. PecLab does not assume any responsibility in relation to the dentist/prosthetic professional for the loss of business or lost profits and recognizes that the only relationship between them arises from the purchase and sale of products manufactured by PecLab.

Warranty conditions for PecLab products
PecLab guarantees the dentist the replacement of the product used as long as it is original from PecLab  and the instructions for use provided by PecLab are respected, as well as the warranty conditions and limitations described below.


1) The protocol for using the product is carefully selected, respecting the guidelines and recommendations, as well as the contraindications for using the product described in the instructions for use;


2) In the case of dental implants and placement of prostheses, that follow-up consultations are carried out duly documented for post-surgical/prosthetic evaluation;


3) PecLab product that has suffered any type of contamination due to the fault of the professional or third parties, or  that has been modified or combined with third-party products, not manufactured by PecLab, will be excluded from the warranty conditions of the PecLab product;


4) Products that are incorrectly handled, or that present a failure or defect caused by accident, trauma or any cause of responsibility of the  professional or third parties will be excluded from the PecLab product warranty conditions.

After analyzing the product, a technical report on the occurrence will be issued to the customer.

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