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Broca Ortodontica


Indicated to mark the insertion site of the Orthodontic Mini-Implant in high density bone (optional);


Available in 27 mm (short) and 36 mm (long) lengths, as an option for the posterior and anterior regions, respectively;


Diameter 1.1 mm;

Stainless steel.

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Broca Corticoperfuracao


Indicated to weaken the midpalatal suture in adult patients and increase the possibility of breaking it in the process of rapid maxillary expansion assisted by HS MARPE mini implants (see Corticoperforation technique of the MARPE eBook 3rd edition, page 16);

Also indicated for marking and initial perforation in the installation of SF and FR extra-alveolar mini-implants in the Infra Zygomatic Crest and in the Buccal Shelf region;


Diameter 1.5 mm with 6 mm active tip with stop;


Total length 41 mm;


Stainless steel.

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Chave insercao

Key of 
Orthodontic Insertion

Used for capturing and inserting Orthodontic Mini-Implants through the Orthodontic Hand Wrench or Contra-angle;

Available in lengths of 21 mm (short), 31 mm (long) and 53.20 mm (extra long).


The Extra Long Wrench is indicated for the installation of Extra Alveolar mini-implants;


Stainless steel.

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Chave Insercao marpe

Key of
MARPE insert

Used for capturing and inserting MARPE Orthodontic Mini-Implants.

Available in 23 mm (medium) and 29 mm (long) lengths

Stainless steel

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Chave Bidigital marpe
chave bidigital marpe.jpg

Bidigital MARPE

Used for final torque of MARPE mini-implants

Features a Torque Wrench Head Fitting

Shank length 11 mm (short), 15 mm (medium) and 24 mm (long)

Stainless steel

Chave Hexagonal_.png

Bidigital Hexagonal

Utilizada para torque do Tapa do Anel Esquelético

Apresenta encaixe na cabeça para Torquímetro

Disponível nos comprimentos curta (7,5mm – cód 123), média (15mm – cód 124) e longa (24mm – cód 125) 

Aço Inoxidável

Chave Hexagonal
Chave torquimetro

Progressive Torque Wrench

For manual implant insertion torque, for prosthetic fixation and installation of MARPE mini-implants

square pattern fitting

Progressive torque 10 to

Stainless steel

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chave mao
chave de mao.jpg

Key of 
Orthodontic hand

Indicated for manual installation of PecLab Orthodontic Mini-Implants.

Consisting of the Straight Piece and Hand Piece parts.


The anterior portion of the Straight Piece has a quick coupling device for fitting the Insertion Drivers and Orthodontic Drills.


The mini-implant can be installed manually in two ways: using the contra-angle and the Handpiece (Figure A), or using the Orthodontic Hand Wrench (Figure B).


In the contra-angle and Handpiece installation option (Figure A), a 1/1 contra-angle with torque resistance above must be used.

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Figura A
Figura B
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